About me


My name is Ruth and this is my blog about living with invisible illness.  In 2011 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  After surgery and chemotherapy I felt like I never recovered. I struggled for over 3 years with what was sold to me as the post cancer ‘new normal’.  Unwilling to accept this supposed ‘new normal’ I researched and challenged until eventually it became apparent I had ME/CFS as a result of my treatment. My cancer has been in remission now for over 5 years but whilst I suffer from ME/CFS my health hasn’t improved.  The difference is now there is no NHS support nor any recognised treatment plan.  Oncologists shrug their shoulders and GPs apologise they can’t help.  I think this is pretty standard for ME/CFS patients and most of us find we have to search out the best treatment plan ourselves.

Living with an invisible illness is challenging.  Trying to get the right treatment is even harder.  I hope that by sharing my experiences I can help others get better more quickly and maybe even avoid some of the difficulties I have encountered.

All the scribbles and drawings are my own and the home page banner is difficult to read because the conditions and symptoms are difficult to manage and live with.  It’s not pretty cause it’s not pretty!